Our key project is the Interests In Coffee, which we developed in cooperation with the Mexican Tosepan cooperative and Czech importers. The principle is simple. The investor will support the Tosepan cooperative, respectively. its business unit Maseual Xicaualis S.C.L.  with a financial injection generating the interest of 7% p.a. The capital is used to renovate the coffee plantations that are grown in the restored forest ecosystems. Money moves to the recovery of the tropical misty forest, which benefits biodiversity as well as the climate change. Tosepan's co-workers plan fifty years ahead and think of nature as well as education and social justice. Interest to European supporters is paid in the form of coffee beans grown by cooperatives in Tosepan, which is imported at a wholesale price. With a loan of CZK 20,000, the investor gets every two months a kilo of coffee beans grown on plantations, which also supports financially. The circle is closing. Comparative benefits are added together.

GBCC Conference was held in 2018 in CULS, with as one of the sponsors.