Mikrofinancování solární energie - 5.5% p.a.

Solar panels standing in sunlight in mexican plain in San Luis Potosi.
Výše půjčky:$1,100.00
Celková splátka:$1,166.00
Výše úroku:$66.00

An investment of between $300 and $1100 will bring a clean, affordable source of green energy to people with low or irregular incomes, and provide the investor with a 5.5% return per annum.

Key Information:

  • Solid, guaranteed return through our MFI partner Comenzar in Mexico
  • Financing period is 12 months
  • Investment of minimum $300USD and maximum $1100USD
  • The product is a complete 500 watt “solar energy island system” of green energy, providing 2.6 kWh per day and 78 kWh per month
  • Important energy offsetting advantage for low or irregular income people in rural areas and disenfranchised communities


With our incredible partners on the ground in Mexico, we are offering investors the opportunity to become part of renewable energy on a mass scale in Central America. Your investment will go towards the installation of photovoltaic panels in rural households and communities in Mexico to give people access to a more affordable, cleaner way of living.

Why solar energy?

With the increasing price of electricity in Mexico, solar energy is an attractive option to many of the population. Solar paneling has traditionally been a complex process fraught with regulations and supply chain obscurities. We want to simplify this. Einley is offering a solid investment opportunity with a synergy right upstream from investor to end beneficiary. Now is the time for renewable energy, so let’s do this together!


Take a look at the benefits of solar energy here

The original installation specs can be found here


The solar panel investment is a package of many moving parts, namely:

  • Two 60 Amerisolar® 270W photovoltaic modules with 60 polycrystalline cells
  • One MS127-500W APS® 127Vca / 500W microinverter
  • Schletter® anodized aluminium AL6005 and 304 stainless steel mounting system frame pack for two modules
  • Installation auxiliaries such as wiring, screws, pavers, cabinets and protectors
  • Finance labour engineering and ground labour
  • Commissioning in accordance with the NOM-001-SEDE-Vigente regulation as well as formalities towards the Mexican energy authority

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