Membership in cooperatives implies 
becoming shareholder with one vote
right, which permits you to save
together with the other members. 

Microfinance Institutions

Microfinancial institutions are far from 
perfect creators of sustainable
livelihoods, nevertheless it is what is

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Individual projects presents an opportunity  
finance peasants in Mexico.
Revenue is high, projects are risky,
but with a powerful social impact. 

Microfinance Institutions

A microfinance institution (MFI) is an organization that offers financial services to low income populations. Almost all give loans to their members, and many offer insurance, deposit and other services. A great scale of organizations is regarded as microfinance institutions. We see as an MFI a private owned organization with corporate structure, providing socially oriented, yet in all cases sustainable credit operationes with focus on production, female enterpreneurs and village bank credit.


Recurring nano-loan is a innovation that permits to invest ...

Repayment 2 €
Loan 2 €
Interest 0 €
Price / kg:

Comenzar is a small MFI supporting women in Michoacan state. Village ...

Repayment 121 €
Loan 115 €
Interest 6 €
Price / kg:
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Credicrece S.A. de C.V. SOFOM ENR is a smaller MFI focused on ...

Repayment 213 €
Loan 202 €
Interest 11 €
Price / kg:
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