Tropical cloude forests, also called tropical water forests, are habitats found in intertropical mountainous areas and characterized by high levels of rainfall, humidity, fog, fog and high temperatures throughout the year. These ecosystems are actually very vulnerable and are formed by a dense community of trees, consisting of plants of temperate and tropical origin, with a predominance of tropical flora. A type of plant that is very abundant in these ecosystems are orchids and ferns. Since these forests develop in areas loaded with dew or clouds at the level of the flora, the degree of exposure to the sun and therefore the evaporation of water is reduced. In general, trees that grow in these forests have more superficial, shorter and heavier roots than trees that grow in areas of lower altitude and environmental humidity favors the development of vascular epiphytes. Tosepan coffee, which can be used for savings and investments provided by, is produced in this type of ecosystem in the Northeast Sierra of Puebla, in Mexico.


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