TRCC Nigeria

Tropical Research and Conservation Centre (TRCC) 

The Tropical Research and Protection Center (TRCC) is a Nigerian NGO operating in the southeastern rainforest of the Niger Delta. It works closely with local communities, builds capacity and conducts pilot projects on the sustainable use of resources and habitat restoration. The organization was founded in 2001 as a result of the founder's interest in poor rural people and the sustainable use of natural resources.


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Tosepan Titataniske is a cooperative based in Cuetzalan, Puebla, Mexico. It is composed through the union of 8 regional cooperatives and 3 associationscomposed of 34,000 families. The cooperative is governed in a democratic system, bearing in mind the ancient wisdom shared in the indigenous heritage of the Totonaca and Nahuatl. The community focus one of balance  between the relationship of human life and all-natural forces*, Often this region is referred to as the ‘deep Mexico.’

An example of their cosmovision can be seen in the coffee plantationswhich have been specifically designed to mimic natural ecosystems. Over 150 species of trees and 180 species of birds find a prosperous home in the landscape of the agro-ecosystemThis fertile forest gives more than just coffee; blossoming alongside native plants which are harvested for their medicinal properties are also vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, mushrooms, and honey.

Collaboration with Tosepan cooperative financing of cooperatives and microfinancing institutions with a yield of 5-7% p.a. Linking consumption with savings, with interest paid by coffee, climate game, and other development projects. We are looking for volunteers to engage in development innovation.  

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