Research on global snail farming

Snail farming or heliciculture became a very popular and profitable industry. Snail farming refers to cultivating snails and then using them for food or cosmetic use. According to proofs, Spanish people were the first ones to use snails as an extra food source. Later, people all over Mediterranean coast started eating snails. Americans were the last one to join the trend of snail eating during 1850’s. Today, America is the sixth largest imported of snails, first one being the Japan with 16% of all global imports. On the other hand, China and Morocco are leading countries in global snail producing, counting 96% of global snail production. At the moment, global snail farming industry achieves sales over $12 billion annually. When it comes to startup cost, starting a snail farm is quite cheap. One can usually buy snails for $1-$2 per snail. Snails lay 200 – 400 in one batch two-three times a year. If one produces 100,000 snails that sell for $1 each, which is $1 x 100,000, one will be making $100,000. One will be making $100,000 yearly or more than that if one produces 1,000,000 snails.

 Why snails are useful? They are sources of magnesium, calcium, omega-3, vitamin B12, selenium and iron, plus, they are very low in fat.

Snail farming also meets with problems such as deforestation, human impact, fires, predators and poor living conditions. One should invest in global snail farming, especially in African growing snail farming industry. In poor countries, snails are also used for treating diseases because of their health benefits, plus, to some poor populations’ snails are the only healthy food source. Investment is quite low while profits and benefits are twice as big.

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