Cooperative Maseual Xicaualis - 5.5% p.a. loan for coffee plantation renovation

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Tosepan Titataniske started in 1977 as an indigenous movement from the Sierra northeast from Puebla and formalized in 1980 as a cooperative. Maseual is the business branch of the cooperative.                                   
Repayment USD512
Loan USD486
Interest USD27
Price / kg:
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Currently, many of the country's coffee production units show a more pronounced biannual performance in production, mainly due to the age of the plantations. The advanced age affects grain quality. Therefore, it is considered that the renewal of coffee plantations constitutes an important practice that allows to return to the physiological and productive balance of the plantations.

A young coffee tree needs three to four years to start producing fruits, reaching its highest productivity at six or eight years. The bush can then live for many decades, but it is commercially viable only up to twenty-five or thirty years.

The partners of the cooperative have quite old plantations, reaching forty or fifty years of age, which need renewal. Maseual applies your support for  purchaseof new plants and gradual renewal of plantations, which are vital for the success of the cooperative.

Tosepan Titataniske started in 1977 as an indigenous movement from the Sierra northeast from Puebla and formalized in 1980 as a cooperative.


History: The founders have a “sweet beginning” because the first activity they undertake was acquired sugar at a lower price. With the nput  of fifty and one hundred pesos, the partners reach enough capital to buy 20 tons of sugar each month and to distribute sugar at a price of $3 pesos among the community. Since then it has been considered the cooperative movement as the best option to increase the life quality of the families. analysis:


 General manager: Vidal Soto Pérez

Industrial manager: Alejandro Martínez Hernández

Manager: Anabel Téllez Zamora

Basic information
Number of employees 26
Number of producers 758
Total equity $ 6,149,822 MXN
Total assets $ 44,850,354 MXN
Gross Loan Portfolio $ 34,460,250 MXN
Number of borrowers 5
Average sales organic coffee (2012 – 2015) $ 402,795 USD
Average sales regular coffee (2012 – 2015) $361,953 USD
Average sales organic pepper (2012 - 2014) $ 63,505 USD
Average sales regular pepper $ 603,729 USD
Average sales organic honey $ 39,368 USD
Brief description of the required financial help Working capital annual revolving credit line
Brief description of the clients of coffee

27% primary sector

46% secondary sector

27% unknown sector

Brief description of the clients of pepper

13% primary sector

87% secondary sector

Brief description of the clients of honey 100% general public


Financial indicators of Tosepan Titataniske
PAR 90 Portfolio at risk over 90 days 5.24%
ROA Return on Asset 0.74%
ROE Return on Equity 3.21%
CAR Capital Asset Ratio